WordPress Blog and CMS

Motion City Media is very proficient with the development, modification, and design of custom WordPress websites and blogs.

We highly recommend WordPress for several reasons.  Over time, WP has become so much more then just a blogging application.  A website using WordPress can now look like anything you want.  No one will ever know it's WordPress unless you want them too.  Here's what we can do for you with WordPress...

Basic services offered with most WordPress projects:

  • Setup of prepaid hosting and database when needed.
  • Installation of WordPress.
  • Setup of general WordPress settings and permissions.
  • Setup of blog categories and pages.
  • Installation and setup of needed plugins and widgets.
  • Custom theme and page template design.
  • Input of content when needed.
  • Manual submission of completed website to major search engines.

WordPress as a Blog:  WP seems to be the best performing blog software on the web today. It provides for easy control and editing of blog content, built in search engine optimization tools, reader commenting system with permissions, blog tags, excerpts, easy to use widget system, a large online library of free plugins to enhance your blog, and easy templating system for updating appearance and structure (and much more).  And your blog can take on any appearance or structure you like.

WordPress as a Magazine Website:  Many people choose to use WordPress to create a website with a magazine feel to it, with small sections for select content, sections for advertisements, different formats for various articles, and so on.  Motion City Media can create a custom WordPress magazine style website just the way you want!

WordPress as a Content Management System for a Website:  We have found (as have many other developers) that WordPress is an excellent content management system for websites.  It's use of templates, plugins, and sidebars makes it ideal for website owners that want a website that shows their unique style, provides easy online content editing, and never shows it's "face" to the viewers.  If you choose MCM to design your custom WordPress website, the world will never know you are using a content management system.