Website and Ad Monetization

Want to make money displaying advertisements on your website?  Look no further!

Motion City Media is a leading Ad Monetization company.  We will analyze your existing website or projected plan and show you how to get the most revenue out of your website.  Let us show you how to make money from advertising!

Display Advertising

Displaying third party advertisements on your website.  These advertisements are generated from third party websites such as Google Adsense.  You typically get paid either per view and/or per clicks.

This is a good solution for websites that have a significant amount of traffic.  The more traffic you have, the more money you make.  If you have no traffic, you will not make any money at all.

The amount of content on your website is also relevant.  The more pages of content you have, the more opportunities you provide for the advertisements to be displayed.

You also need to make sure you have valuable content.  The engines that drive display advertising are "smart".  They analyze your content to determine the best advertisements to display on your website.  If you lack keyword rich content, it will not perform well and you will make little money.

It is important to know if there are currently relevant and active advertisers that match your subject matter.  If your website is about "purple dinosaurs in Kansas", it is highly unlikely that there will be many advertisers available to you.

Affiliate Marketing

This is when you are promoting other companies, websites, and products by displaying links back to other websites that result in some sort of user action.  User actions may be signing up for a membership, completing a survey, or purchasing a product.

You need to ensure that your content is relevant to the affiliate you are promoting.  If you are trying to produce product sales, then product reviews would be a good idea.  If you are promoting a membership to a dating website, then you may want to write articles about how to get dates.

Your website should be set up to seamlessly integrate the affiliate links.  Proper placement is key.

Choose a profitable niche.  It would be a wise choice if you found a topic that you could corner the market on.  This is unlikely though.  So choose a topic that is popular or highly valuable to the public.  This will ensure that you maximize affiliate linking profits.


Choose this method when you have something worth selling.  Motion City Media can help you create a website to sell products, information, or services.  We will create subscriptions that will give your members access to your valuable products.  There are profitable strategies for prolonging subscriptions and making sure your customers stick around.

The key here is to research competition.  It is better to choose a subject matter where you have as little competition as possible.  Or, you know that what you are offering is far superior to the competition.

Having a large audience and being able to offer something for free is also going to be beneficial with a subscription service.

Online Store & eCommerce Website

There are a few ways to approach earning money by selling products on websites.  The top options for earning income by selling products are:

  • Selling your own products:  The optimal setting for being successful here is that you have a strong brand, little competition, and/or your product is something new or superior to the competition.
  • Selling wholesale products:  Here, you buy products in bulk amounts, at wholesale pricing.  Then, you resell those items to make a profit.  This is a little harder because you usually have more competition.  You take a risk because you are investing your own money in a bulk supply that may or may not sell.  This is a good option if the niche is still small, the product is needed, and you can market your products well.
  • Selling drop-shipped products:  This option is the most difficult, but incurs less risk than wholesale sales.  You sell products on your store website that you do not actually have in your possession.  Once an order is placed on your website, you then place an order through a third party drop-shipper.  This company will package the products under your company name and ship them to your customers for a fee.  This adds more time for processing and is more complicated if you have to process any returns or charge backs.  But, you are not risking being stuck with inventory you cannot sell.

Online Events

Anyone can make money by hosting online events, as long as the event is useful or needed by the public.  Simply advertise your event online and set up payments for access.  Some examples would be webinars, group video chats, promotional sales, etc.  Specifically:  cooking lessons, discussions about relationships, yoga classes, depression groups, etc.

Much like all the other options to make money from your website, you will need to ensure that you have a valuable product or topic that is being presented at the event.  The less competition you have in that field, the more attendees you are likely to have.  And as always... promote promote promote.