vBulletin Community & Forum

Motion City Media SPECIALIZES in development and design of vBulletin Publishing Suite, community, blog, and forum websites!

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We have vast experience installing, transfering, and customizing vBulletin websites.  MCM knows how to make the most of the vBulletin software's features such as spam prevention, search engine optimization, user registration and tools, ad placement, and more.  If you want something more than the "out of the box" look of default vBulletin styles, we can create a custom designed skin and structure for your website! Some of our services include:

  • Installation, transfer, and upgrade of vBulletin websites
  • User and thread import/export
  • Database backups
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom designed vBulletin styles/skins/templates/themes
  • vBulletin template editing
  • vBulletin module/hack installation and upgrades
  • Merge multiple vBulletin websites/databases into one
  • Custom ad placement
  • Setup of chron jobs
  • Setup of user promotions and strategy
  • Bridge/merge vBulletin with other platforms/applications like WordPress
  • Conversion from another application like Invision Power Board, phpBB, or WordPress to vBulletin

Motion City Media is also experienced with the popular plugin VBSEO for vBulletin. We highly recommend VBSEO for search engine optimization of your vBulletin forum and social network. It has a huge array of tools that are extremely beneficial to increasing traffic and awareness for your website.

 Motion City Media is experienced with both the older versions of the vBulletin forum package and also the newer Publishing Suite.

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