Photo, Video, Audio

Motion City Media specializes in several areas of photo, video, and audio media use for the Internet, print, and other applications. Not only do we offer photography services, but we also provide the following:


  • Photo editing, photo restoration, and photo manipulation
  • Photo gallery design (static, dynamic, Flash, PHP)
  • Embedding of 3rd party or custom photo galleries within your website
  • Photo animation
  • Format conversion
  • Print designs
  • Copyrighting

  • Video editing
  • Video player design (static, dynamic, Flash, PHP)
  • Live video streaming
  • Web cam integration within your website
  • Embedding of 3rd party or custom video galleries within your website
  • Format conversion

  • Audio editing
  • Embedding audio within Flash animations and websites
  • Custom Flash mp3 audio players for websites and applications
  • Format conversion

MCM can also help those who would like to offer such media for sale and/or download from their websites by setting up libraries, databases, merchant accounts, and the like.

We accept all forms of media both digital and print. Paper photographs and such can be scanned and converted to digital. MCM offers format conversion, design, editing and delivery via print, digital online, CD, DVD, or other mass storage devices.

All of our projects use only your copyrighted materials and/or royalty free stock media.