Our Affiliate and Referral Program

Want to earn some extra money? Know people who could use our services? Join our Affiliate and Referral program for free and earn easy commission off of the revenue generating clients you send our way! What's even more exciting, is that we offer extra incentives for bringing multiple clients to us!

Benefits of our Affiliate and Referral plan:

  • Receive 20% commission on each new Revenue Generating Client's (RGC) FIRST project that you refer to Motion City Media or Jessica Bolin (owner).
  • If you refer 4 or more new RGC, your commission will increase to 25%, prorated back to the first new RGC you referred. That means that if we paid you 20% for the first 3 new RGC and you later refer a 4th new RGC, we will pay you the extra 5% you did not receive on the first 3 RGC.
  • Our projects range from $50 to $20,000. The average cost of a very basic website design project is around $800. Imagine the commission you could make!
  • Affiliates can choose to use their commissions to purchase services from Motion City Media, rather than receive a money payment.
  • Affiliates who refer a large amount of new RGC, may receive additional free services from Motion City Media as bonuses.
  • Commission payments are processed as soon as the new RGC's first project is complete.
  • Multiple methods available for receiving your commission payment.

Here's how it works:

  • Contact us with your information, so we can get your account set up.  There is never a fee from us to participate in this program. All of your personal information is guaranteed to be kept private and will never be sold or distributed to anyone.
  • When you refer a client to us, be sure to let them know the importance of providing us with your full name and contact details. This way, we can be sure the commission is sent to the correct person.
  • When the first project of the new RCG is completed and full payment has been received from the RCG, your commission payment will be processed.

Commission Payment Details:

  • Payments can be sent to you via PayPal or by check from Motion City Media. Or, you can choose to save your commission balance to exchange for Motion City Media services.
  • Your commission balance can be viewed in your Motion City Media online account.

Join our Affiliate and Referral Program for FREE!  Get started putting money in your pocket the easilly!  Just click here!