Westland Flea Market

Westland Flea Market of Columbus, Ohio came to Motion City Media in urgent need of website maintenance after their website had been hacked.  Their website had been designed by another local company unrelated to Motion City Media.

Westland Flea Market noticed that people were no longer receiving their emails.  They had also discovered that their listing in Google search was displaying a warning that the website was hacked and could be harmful to a viewer's computer.  This is very bad for any company's reputation and needed to be addressed immediately.

After some careful research, we discovered that their WordPress website had been compromised by a hacker.  The hacker injected malicious files which duplicated themselves throughout the server.

This happened, in part, due to the fact that there were no security measures in place within WordPress and the website core had not been kept up-to-date with current upgrades.

Motion City Media cleaned out the entire server, reinstalled virus-free files, and implemented security monitoring and hacking prevention tools.  The Westland Flea Market website has been virus free ever since!


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