Friends of Alum Creek

Friends of Alum Creek came to Motion City Media for urgent website maintenance to address a website hacking problem.  Their website had been designed by another website company, unrelated to Motion City Media.

FACT had been notified by a local Columbus college student, that there website was distributing copyrighted software content on the Internet.  The student had happened to stumble on it and notified them immediately of the problem.

Upon research, Motion City Media quickly realized that the website had been hacked and compromised.  It was, indeed, being used to distribute copyrighted materials by malicious hackers.  The hackers had gained access due to a lack of WordPress security measures and outdated plugins.

Motion City Media immediately cleaned all malicious files from the server and replaced them with secure files.  We implemented new WordPress security monitoring and hacking prevention tools.  The website has been migrated to our secure web hosting  and has been problem-free since.  Motion City Media provides ongoing maintenance, as needed.

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