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image_1We are a premier Columbus, Ohio website design company and marketing firm.

Here at MCM, we strive to be creative, different, and stay on top of current technologies. Every project has its own unique styles and qualities. Whether you are looking for a clean corporate design, or something exotic and creative, we are the visionaries to bring your vision to life.

Motion City Media knows the importance of recognizable branding, ease of use for customers, functionality, and optimal performance. We want you to succeed in your goals and we will implement the best methods to do so.

MCM offers a wide array of services such as website design, web development, graphic design, print design, social media marketing, and search engine optimization both locally in Columbus, OH and globally. Our services encompass a great deal of marketing and artistic material production. For more information about specific services, please browse our website.

Motion City Media has a very large portfolio of happy customers acquired since the year 1999, whom are all willing to vouch for our company and CEO Jessica Hood (Bynon).

We use project agreements and refund policies that legally protect our customers from harm and ensure that they get what is owed to them. We do our best to work with even the most particular customers and see to it that all projects are completed as desired.

CEO Jessica Hood believes that customer relationships and quality craftsmanship are a priority. Because of this, Jessica refuses to participate in price gouging and time padding like other competitors do. A good reputation is founded on fairness and happy customers.

If you have any questions regarding our business or services offered, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to speak with you.

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Female Owned & Operated  Ohio and North Carolina Website Design Company and Marketing Firm!


our advantages

Wisdom & Experience

CEO Jessica Hood has been in the Internet and marketing industry as a female business owner since 1999. With over a decade of hands-on experience in business management and marketing, Motion City Media stands apart from the competition. If there are new technologies, you can bet we are learning them right now!

Fair & Transparent Pricing

Motion City Media believes in fair pricing based on current median market values. In other words, you will find that we are not outrageously expensive like many of our competitors. We choose to be a modest company. All of our pricing is presented prior to beginning projects and there are never hidden fees.

Portfolio of Pride

CEO Jessica Hood has always made it a priority to push for design enhancements, modernization, and excellence in craftsmanship. We are always monitoring what is trending and ensuring our work is better than our competitors. Motion City Media also strives to understand its Clients and present their content in the best possible manner.

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